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Free Shipping for 3 ...

Free Shipping for 3 days ~ The Healing You Can Do… artwork complete!

Every year at this time I give you Free Shipping for Mother’s Day ~ it starts NOW and lasts for 3 days. Use code MOTHER19. Shop here for unique gifts that last a lifetime, bringing daily reminders of peace… and of why we work so hard 🙂  Motherhood Coloring books make GREAT girlfriend gifts, and […]

gifts for mom

gifts for mom

KmBerggren New Online Shop   The brand new (and much improved!) Online Studio Shop is open and we best not forget about Mother’s Day! Here is what’s better about the new shop: you can search via title, subject, hair color, eye color, number of children. Use the search box, or choose a category for family […]

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A Moment in Time by Katie m. Berggren ~ archival prints in three sizes, starting at $19

unique gifts to celebrate the intimacy between mom and her new (or growin’-like-crazy) baby! It is a nice feeling to have a meaningful gift all ready for Mother’s Day. Could you capture a special moment for mom through an archival frameable print or a ready-to-hang original painting? A Moment in Time by Katie m. Berggren […]