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The Here & Now Colle

thank you for following along with my new work. I’ve been sharing these pieces on Instagram Stories and I have loved the feedback and inspiration! Here & Now: the past is ashes A new original painting collection by Katie m. Berggren to be released Thursday, October 29, at 630pm PST right here: www.Shop.KmBerggren.com October is “INKtober” and […]

Customizable Colorfu...

Customizable Colorful Pendants & Ornaments are here!

I’ve been wanting to bring you something special for 2020 – something vibrant and gorgeous to brighten up all of our days. Having these keepsakes around has brought LIFE into my studio! I’ve adored designing them for you. Birthstone-Themed Customizable Glass Art Pendants and Customizable Ornaments/Medallions are ready NOW! 1) Find the Glass Art Pendants at Shop.KmBerggren.com2) […]

Inktober, Babywearin...

October is Inktober. This is my 4th year of Inktober which means I will be posting daily ink drawings to my Instagram Stories (I’ve already posted today’s ink!!). I sometimes give the art away with orders. These ink drawings often inspire new paintings. Here’s a sampling of last years inks: This is also International Babywearing Week – thus, […]

Black & White Painti

Black & White Paintings, yes. I have talked on Instagram about ACHING for a new color experience. Blacks, browns, reds and golds were particularly calling to me, to the point I was developing health symptoms (it’s freaky how the mind and body are connected). So, I put everything aside and created these three paintings. They […]