Over a year ago I chose 50-100 of my favorite collectors and called them my STARS – you were one of the ones I chose. Collectors with whom I have loved communicating with over the years, and who I want to be extra sure to keep in touch with! 

When I have a cool gift to give, I sent it to my STARS for free – either via postal mail, or via a link in an email. I also have extra coupon codes and digital goodies for my STARS throughout the year.

I’d love it if you’d SUBSCRIBE and then CONFIRM (via a confirmation email you will get after subscribing) your desire to be one of my STARS.


If you DO NOT WANT TO BE A STAR, no harm done, just ignore this. Or better yet, let me know so that I know not to send you things 😊

Also, the STAR list will be continually fluctuating and expanding 😊 if I don’t hear from you for a while, I’ll assume I’m bugging you and take you off the list. I’m a one-mama business, seriously doing my best, and seriously appreciating my collectors

Thank you ~ and please let me know if you have any questions!

~ Sincerely, Katie