The Wild Tenderness Collection, PART TWO

will be released on Sunday, July 5 at 7pm PST

I’m going to be live on my special Art Show Facebook page, releasing the paintings and their stories, one by one. 

However, all 8 paintings will be ready and waiting for you in my Shop, here, starting at 7. So, if you are concerned about getting your favorite one before someone else does, you’ll want to go here at 7pm PSTon Sunday.

I have 8 brand new paintings for you, each with their own story, and I love them all!! You can see a little sneak video of textures and details here.

*** If you see one that is for you, let me know
and I will give you a special private notification on Release Day ***

A collection of 8 brand new original paintings on watercolor paper. 
Part 1 was released on January 30, and also contained 8 original paintings inspired by compassion for Mother Nature’s creatures.
Visit ‘’ and join to get an email invitation on July 5, with links to the Wild Tenderness Collection painting release.
Before I started painting motherhood (16 years ago) I drew and painted whimsical multitudes of animals and birds 😊 I’m bringing these two subjects together for this collection of one-of-a-kind originals.

Here are the details for Release Day:

~ I will be live on my KmBerggrenArtShow Facebook page from 645-830 pm PST – to facilitate everything and answer any questions.

~ There will be a RAFFLE DRAWING (free to enter) for those who come to the KmBerggrenArtShow Facebook page during the event.

~ There will be a FREE GIFT with all Original Painting Purchases during the event.

~ All of the money from the sale of one of the paintings ($246) will go straight to Feeding America’s Covid Response Fund to help feed our hungry neighbors.

~ When an original painting has sold, prints will be available.

~ You can hang with me on the KmBerggrenArtShow Facebook page as I release each painting with its story, or you can go see them ALL at 7pm in my shop.

~ I will send you another email on Sunday a bit before 7pm PST, to remind you of the event, with links to everything.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you for reading, I hope to “SEE” you on Sunday!!

Love & Sincerely, Katie