Did I mention the process of creating a painting is wild? I really felt it over the last few days as a painting I’m working on drug me through the mud, in a sense. She’s not a large piece, only 9×12, but she required more of me than some of my 12×12 and 16×16 inch paintings!

I shared On Wings Of Freedom on Instagram and Facebook when I thought she was just about complete and the response was great – many told me that she was STUNNING… but something was bugging me about her…

Here is a video of my thoughts about her, and her complex process from sketch to completion:

I went to bed frustrated and annoyed, looking forward to facing her with fresh eyes in the morning. I asked my two creative sons for feedback. They pretty much liked her. But I still didn’t.

So, even though I have 9 commission paintings waiting for me… I dove back in. Stubborn and determined to love her in the end. It was like stepping outside my own mind and watching the complex interaction between creator and creation. Wild.

So… many hours later I achieved completion. I thought. You’ll see in the video that she grew and matured a LOT.

Then, today, as I was getting ready to share her with you, I found one more edit I wanted to make. I wanted to warm her up. So I grabbed myself a handful of chocolate chips and took her back to the workbench.

Now, finally, she feels complete.

Let me know if this piece is for you (she’s $355 with free shipping) and I’ll email you some more photos of her. I don’t have her in the shop yet, because she is still wet to be photographed.

Like I mention in the video: I feel strongly that she is meant for some specific special hearts. Maybe she is for you, or for someone you love. If so, then trust that I tried hard to make her perfect for you.

So… that is your journey into someone else’s wacky mind for the day.

And for a chance to journey into your own mind, I offer you this Free Downloadable Coloring page. I created this drawing inspired by the poetry of my friend Alanna Knobben. The 7th free Coloring Page I’ve given, so far, with two final pages to come over the next three weeks.
As I suggest near the end of my interview with Julia of Joyful Connections: while coloring, write down some words – words that describe how you are feeling. Little insights, ideas. Something you love, something that bugs you, a friend you want to send a nice word to. Add your love to the drawing I made for you, with love.


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Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful week’s end.
Stay safe, stay sane, stay healthy.
Love & Sincerely, Katie