There has been so much loss. My goodness… my thoughts are with all of the families who are burdened by heavy hearts at this time. It takes work to keep moving forward… we all have our own ways of moving forward. And if we need to take some time to NOT move forward for awhile, that is okay, too.

But we need to be kind to one another. Yesterday I made my weekly trek to get groceries, and I was disheartened by the lack of kindness that I saw… deep in my heart I hope that this anonymous-self-protection-avoidance-of-other-humans will not tarnish human connection in general… I think of this every day.

As we move through the streets on our walks, as we move through the stores to get our supplies for the coming weeks, please join me in offering as many smiles (even if they are only eye-smiles, with mouths covered by masks) as possible.

Allowing others to jump ahead of us in line, stepping back, slowing down… we are realizing that everyone is enduring something right now. Please be kind, please don’t forget that we need each other.

There is a lot that I’d like to do. I am slightly annoyed at myself that I am not sewing masks like crazy, sending them all over the USA for those who need them, as gifts. But we all have to choose where we put our time. And I am putting my time in creating meaningful images, and supporting my family.

Something I CAN do, is give away art. It is the thing I can give, so I’m doing it.

THANK YOU to those who have patronized my little online shop, you are supporting MY little family, and I’m so grateful.

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~ “Our Love Runs Deep” original painting is Now Available ~

The mother and the growing son. She still sees all his “little” stages when she looks at him. And he just keeps getting taller ❤  

Memories of him are in her hair, at her skirt, at her side…

He looks down toward her after all the years of looking up. She looks up at him. Proud, bittersweet.

Her arm is still around him, now at his waist instead of his shoulders, resting easily. His figure is so comfortable to her, and she must occasionally remind herself that he’s a young man now.

His affection has grown and changed. Layered and matured. He stands strong on his own, no leaning necessary.

Tentatively navigating the future – new for them both.

His little selves are all imprints on her soul, her brain, her heart and her mind’s eye. They are held warmly, close by. A little boy who left his mark at each age and stage. Even on the tree that grows along with him – planted when he was a baby.

She can’t look at him deeply without seeing all that he was, and all that he may become.

He has blue skies ahead… and so does she!

Please keep doing what you are doing, giving what you are giving, loving how you are loving.

Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful week’s end.
Stay safe, stay sane, stay healthy.
Love & Sincerely, Katie