UPDATE: Most of the paintings have sold, but not all of them! You can also get lovely print collections of the series:

It’s now time, thank you for your patience and your excitement (I’ve loved hearing from you!!) … the Wild Tenderness Collection is READY!!

You’ll find the paintings I’ve showed you PLUS some surprises, too!

I know many have already picked their favorites and are standing by to grab them – I hope you get the one(s) you desire!! Let me know if you have any questions or problems.

The original paintings, of course, are First Come First Served, but if you are having any trouble with the check-out process, hit me up on LiveChat (click the little bubble at the lower right of the shop) and I will personally be standing-by to help for a few hours.

Everything is ready right here!

Please note, artwork in your shopping cart is not being held and can sell to another collector.

Throughout creating this first part of the collection, I felt like I was building a storybook – a labor of love through pictures and words. Each little face had a personality to share with me, and I can remember the stories I was listening to when working on each piece. They each have a message to share and they each come straight from my heart.

A much shorter process than creating a full storybook – they are now here for you to see. Brand new fresh original paintings – each crafted onto paper with brushes and fingers and lots of paint.

Who knows where these images will end up in the future – perhaps they are part of a grand plan that I am not aware of, yet. In the meantime, I will set these ones off into the world, and I will begin working on another set. I’m envisioning a giraffe, a koala, a mama cat… a whale, a monkey, a great blue heron, and perhaps an elephant… in the future of the Wild Tenderness Collection. We will just have to see!

Have a great day! I’ll have more about the Loss & Emotion project next week. Everything in its own time and this week it is time for critters.

Love & Sincerely, Katie