Happy New Year! I have 3 special paintings to share.

1) My New Collection of Paintings In Process (what shall I name this collection? If you suggest a name that I choose, I’ll send you a free collection of mini prints of these paintings).

2) SOUL DEEP ~ inspired by my father

1) Before I started painting motherhood (around 16 years ago) I drew and painted whimsical multitudes of animals and birds. On my honeymoon in 2002, I filled up a sketchbook with pen & ink drawings of animals from a-z. Whales and cats, quails, alligators, turtles and rats… I just couldn’t stop.

When I became a mother, I became obsessed with capturing moments of motherhood and that has nurtured my soul for 16 years (and counting, I’m still obsessed!)

Just for fun, for a new adventure, to slip some boundaries and to drop some “shoulds”…  I’m bringing these two subjects together a bit, slowly. Early on in my career I was painting babies and birds, so this seems like a natural progression.

I’m building a small collection (perhaps 6?) of one-of-a-kind original paintings on paper (I just love how the paper takes the paint) to be released on JANUARY 30. They will all be released at one moment, available in the shop as original paintings, then as archival prints.

Since you are on the email list, you will be kept updated of this special release and notified when the paintings are ready.

Today I have two paintings to show you – I started with a little deer and went on to a mama rat. These are original paintings on 12×12 inch heavy paper – they are signed and labeled on the back, ready to frame. If you know you’d like a particular one, notify me and I’ll send you a special note when it becomes available.

Painting #1: In A World Of Separation… ~ He’s not alone in the forest, he’s found a friend. Two gentle souls (three!) joined in a moment ~ despite differences. They share together, collectively safe. While working on this piece I listened to the story of Adrien McNaughton who disappeared into the woods at age 5 (in 1972). Thoughts of him influenced my work… this painting is my way of giving him a warm place in the woods, and friends to watch over him.

Painting #2: From A Place Of Peace… ~ In a colorful world of warmth we witness the nurturing and acceptance of a mother who looks out for every child. We can all feel tenderness for any child, as though they were our own. Keeping our eyes open, dissolving separation. She is a mother to any who need the peace that she provides. She is asking nothing in return (except kindness).

My boys and I have raised three rats, the first one, Polly, was our extra-special friend. She used to sit in the front pocket of my sweatshirt while I worked on my computer, and once chewed a hole through a little chocolate stain. We loved her til the moment she took her last breath. I watched her pass from this world to the next, afraid to touch her. When I was a girl, I raised 5 rats ~ one at a time. I don’t have many memories of them except giving Ash a birthday party and naming one Scout after Bruce Willis’ child. They road around on my shoulder and dropped little poop bombs. I’m sure my mom loved them as much as I did.


The idea for this piece sparked from thoughts of my father (gone now for 21.5 years) and his four children. Children who have grown since his passing, but are still surrounded by his energy. ❤️ But honestly, this piece is for many of us…

Working on her over the last couple weeks, I’ve thought a lot about those for whom the holiday season is NOT very merry, those for whom these months carry big loss, big holes, much pain. Those loved ones who should be here to enjoy with us, but who have moved on.

The original painting is available, and I trust she will travel into the family that needs her most. Write me back for details, she is NOT in the shop yet.

HOW CAN I SELL this painting, you ask?

The process of creating SOUL DEEP has healed a portion of my soul. The process is my pleasure. The hours and hours spent doting on her surface and adding more and more layers of love, THAT is my treasure.

Now, the finished piece needs to travel to someone who still needs a treasure. An icon that speaks to them and opens the door for their own healing. THAT is my pleasure, being able to provide this touchable imagery to those who need it.

I will keep her image near, though. As a reminder to myself that the treasure, for me, is in the creation, and the act of letting the creation process flow. No boundaries, no timelines, no requirements. Pure, open-hearted time in the studio. Following intuition. Then… letting go.

THAT is my healing. Let me know if you need this original painting in your home. She is a 12×12 inch original painting on heavy paper, ready to frame, and will sell for $298 plus shipping.
Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful week’s end.
Love, Katie