October is Infant & Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month… so many mothers have shared their losses, and my heart has broken for them so many times. Whether the little love’s toes touched the Earth for days or years, or they went straight to the stars…the loss and grief is so so deep. I envision peaceful angel mothers, gently gathering up the little souls…

It is Inktober, so the ink has been flowing. A new pen & ink drawing every day. I’ve been giving many of my Inktober drawings as free gifts with orders, so look for the hashtag #kmbinkgive on the Instagram and Facebook ink posts.


ALSO ~ I’ve just last night finished the newest Mindful Mothering Project painting – the MMP invites you to submit photos that may inspire a brand new painting. Share your moments for this ongoing adventure. The mama whose photo is chosen gets a free 12×12″ print of the finished piece.

The newest photo to inspire me was submitted by Meghan, with photo credit by her husband Michael Anfang – it was an immediate inspiration! I actually saw it on Michael’s Instagram page and ASKED if I could submit it FOR them!

I am in love with this painting and I’ve decided to name her Inner Fire.

This original painting is available – she is 20×20 inches on deep canvas – write me back for details and we can even do layaway if she is meant for you.

I LOVE her!! I’m so pleased, and she inspires me to spend even more time at the easel 🙂

Let me tell you about this mama… Meghan has a fire inside her. She is persistent, devoted and passionate. She is the author of my newly illustrated book The Healing You Can Do. Have you seen this book yet? The Healing You Can Do is:

“A love letter of empathy, encouragement and affirmation for anyone who has experienced trauma of any kind. It is a promise that you can survive after physical and sexual abuse, and make the world a better place because of it…” ️ ~ Meghan

Meghan is a home/natural birth advocate who lives to empower women in every facet of their lives. Go get your copy of the book.

Here is a review of The Healing You Can Do:

Thank you for following along. I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend.

Love & Sincerely, Katie