You’ve maybe heard the buzz of the #100DayChallenge on Instagram? It’s about committing to doing something EVERY day for 100 days.

I am 33 days into my own challenge, health-wise (I started it before I saw the Instagram Challenge!) ~ mine is a 4-part daily routine of good-things: yoga, meditation morn & eve, and free weights. I can feel myself getting stronger, both physically (I can do Crow pose now!!) and in my mind: it has become easier and easier to just go to the mat, or the chair, or the weights. I love that.

Would YOU would like to do a 100 Day Challenge? I’d love to ask some of my family members, but I worry I might offend them by asking! Like I am implying that they need to step up their game in some area.

We ALL need to step up our game somewhere and it’s fun to know you are not alone – so… are you contemplating something you can add/improve for 100 days? Adding in some movement? Taking out some processed foods? 😊 YOU know what the right action is for you. If you decide to make changes, and you want to stay in touch, let me know.

I wanted to create something for the 100 Day Challenge related to ART… perhaps tiny originals… or line drawings… but in the end after much thought, I opted out.

Sometimes you just know when you are spread thin enough, and I am.  And I already know that too much splintering steals power from the main path.

My main path right now, The Healing You Can Do is rocketing forward, with only a few paintings left to complete. Meghan and I met on Monday for a 3.5-hour cram session (and snacks!) to finalize text and artwork. It is amazing how Purposeful this whole project has felt. Like we reached out and pulled magic from the air.

It has NOT been effortless – but it HAS felt meant-to-be.

Connect on the book’s Facebook Page to follow along.

Also, I’ve always said I CAN’T draw horses, but maybe I can if I try hard enough 🙂

The author, Meghan Hindi, describes our upcoming book like this:

“A love letter of empathy, encouragement and affirmation for anyone who has experienced trauma of any kind. It is a promise that you can survive after physical and sexual abuse, and make the world a better place because of it…” 

I will keep you posted on when this book will be ready to order – sometime in the Summer.


*******A personal note *******

One of my Yoga instructors says that Yoga is like a first aid kit. And golly, it’s true!! This morning I had SUCH an ache in my belly – discomfort, pain to the touch, and burning with no identifiable cause. I was drawn to my mat where I did some gentle massage (“I hear you, what are you trying to tell me?”), then several organ-massaging detoxing twists, and up into a shoulder stand…

The MOMENT my feet hit the sky the pain was gone. And since Yoga begets Yoga, I continued for several more minutes before finishing with a swath of Tummy Rub essential oil (just in case!) from Rocky Mountain Oils (I’m not an affiliate, I just like their oils). Good as new!

I feel so thankful for natural healing, remedies, and the inspiring people I learn from 🙂

Thank you for reading along – I hope you have a wonderful week’s end!

Love & Sincerely, Katie