The 5th Annual Painting On Purpose (POP) painting has begun! I shared the sketch choices on Instagram and Facebook and YOU helped me to choose! This will be a 24×24″ original painting on deep canvas, and I already know that I am going to call her Kindest Nature. All of the money from the sale of the finished painting will go to Pink Lemonade Project!

Pink Lemonade Project is improving lives through healing retreats, mentorship and supportive groups in a safe, welcoming environment. PLP was created to provide critical information and loving support to breast cancer survivors who struggle with the emotional and psychological aspects of diagnosis and recovery. Learn more here:

So far, Painting On Purpose has allowed me to give $2,869 to four different organizations.

I started POP in 2015, inspired by my sweet Grandma Neva who turned 92 on the release of the first painting, she’ll turn 96 when this one is released on February 6, 2019!

The entire process of Kindest Nature will be shared on my Instagram and Facebook pages. See the details and the previous 4 POP paintings. THANK YOU in advance for your support.


Banana Tea? Yep, did you know you can boil bananas with their peel on (organic only, please, to save your body from ingesting pesticides and chemicals) – then sprinkle in some cinnamon and drink the “tea” for help with sleeplessness?

I’ve been having trouble catching zzzzzs lately, so I did it (I had to get past the ick factor of a boiled banana peel) – and I actually DID sleep better! Woo hoo!!

Here’s a post I found that tells us WHY… 🙂 Most places recommend boiling the whole banana in the peel, but this one above is just banana peels. And that is what I did, because I didn’t want to waste a banana 🙂

Let me know if you try it and if it works for you!

Love & Sincerely, Katie