I’m sensitive, capable of opening my heart wide and sometimes letting too much out. I recently turned my heart inside-out to a friend, and bubbled over with self-judgement, and honest hurting. I probably let out too much, but I felt safe in the moment and I believe in NOT holding poison inside.

When we scroll through our social media feeds, we see the best of our friend’s lives: the beautiful vacations, happiest kids, bestest of friends. Thus, on this particular heart-barfing moment, I shared that I feel unworthy and unlovable. Here is what my friend said back to me:

“If you don’t see your value when you look in the mirror… look at YOUR KIDS”.

I must be doing okay, enough of the time… Beyond the fact that my boys are kind and smart and self-driven, my kiddos choose to be with me every day, even when I feel unworthy and pointless. I have an amazing husband, 2 beautiful boys (a rad sister and brothers), and a few good girlfriends who seem to love me for who I am, and that is comforting, because first I must be me. We must all honor our true selves. Personally, I must be sensitive and share my heart. I will no doubt shed tears at inopportune times and scare away people who are uncomfortable with this intimacy. And that’s okay.

This new painting is titled You Choose Me. This collection of souls is (nearly) naked, pure and vulnerable… together. You Choose Me is the 6th painting in my Kindred Collection.

You Choose Me, new original painting by Katie m. Berggren

I’m shaking things up a bit with the Kindred Collection: I’m not going to show the finished pieces until release day (Thursdays). If you see the progress of a painting on my Instagram and Facebook pages and think the painting is for you – then send me a private message on IG, FB or email – if I do not respond within a few hours, that means I did not get your note and you should send it again. If you ask for first dibs, I’ll give you (and others who have asked) a bit of advance notice before releasing her to the rest of the world. This is why the painting may be sold before it is released.


The next painting in the Kindred Collection will be released NEXT Thursday ~ as soon as possible I will be showing snapshots and video progress on my Instagram and Facebook pages – also my Instagram Stories, which is so fun.

Thank you for taking the time to read along! 

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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