I sometimes wander around my house, poking at piles and putting tiddly bits away – noticing the laundry that needs folding, seeing the small piles of kid stuff in the corner and on the couch, the plants that would love some water… but really not getting much done. I get so frustrated when I feel this way – and more recently I’m wondering what does it mean? When I fall into these little routines of wandering my house – am I nervous, anxious, resisting something? Needing something?

Sometimes, while not feeling great (emotionally and/or physically) I get the feeling that there might be a lesson hiding ~ something that I am meant to realize before I can get back on track. Sometimes I look at my list and “promise” to do something or maybe everything tomorrow…

BUT… I think the lesson is to DO something NOW. Right now. Versus adding everything to the list for later. When I practice this, before I know it I am on my way towards my track ~ do something now!

And, if I get caught up in home/family stuff like taking care of a sick kiddo (or making homemade chocolate, which I’m doing today) like I’ve been doing for several days ~ again, I remind myself to DO something NOW. Something for ME. Something for my business. Take a walk, do a face mask, paint like mad with loud music coursing through the studio.

Summer is starting, so things are going to change for families with school-age children ~ I hope that YOU will cut yourself some slack, but at the SAME TIME, DO something for yourself. DO something that you’ve been putting off. Even if it is five minutes of yoga or coloring in a coloring book.

And, KNOW you are not alone out there <3


Also, of course, I’ve been painting. I am working on two custom original paintings… but they are BOTH surprises for special mothers, so I can’t risk sharing them here, just in case 🙂 

Instead I will share this photo that I LOVE!! Of a custom painting I created a little while back, and the beautiful children it was inspired by (at their home). I just loved visiting with these little cuties 🙂


I have a few available paintings and they would look AMAZING hanging together!! Because they were created together 🙂 They are STUDIO SISTERS 🙂

find them here. 

There is only ever ONE original of each painting.

Float, new original painting from Katie m. Berggren

To See You Better new painting by Katie m. Berggren

To See You Better new painting by Katie m. Berggren

Whispered Dream new painting by Katie m. Berggren

Have a wonderful weekend! I hope my boy gets to 100% soon.

 Thank you for taking the time to read along!

Love & Sincerely, Katie