It’s that time again! The 4th Annual Painting On Purpose (POP) painting is in process! YOU helped me choose the sketch for the 2018 Painting On Purpose project (on Facebook & Instagram), and now I’ve chosen the organization to receive the funds: COMMUNITY ROOTS COLLABORATIVE!  

Here’s the AWESOME PART: ALL of the money from the sale of this new 16×16″ painting ($715, when she’s complete) will go straight to COMMUNITY ROOTS COLLABORATIVE ~ this organization is reintegrating the unhoused into blended communities, through permanent cottage home neighborhoods and integrated services. Learn more about Community Roots Collaborative

Follow along with the process of this painting on Facebook and Instagram where you’ll see images AND video snippets, plus learn more on my website.

Painting On Purpose, 2018, the 4th annual, by Katie m. Berggren

Painting On Purpose was started in 2015, and is inspired by my sweet Grandma Neva who turned 92 on the release of the first painting, and she’ll turn 95 when this new piece is released on February 6! 

The PURPOSE for this project is to give ALL of the proceeds from the sale of an original painting to a charity that benefits mothers and/or children. 

~ In 2015 this project allowed me to give $704 to the NW Mothers Milk Bank in Portland, Oregon. (see the delivery of the $ here)

 ~ In 2016, this project allowed me to give $455 to Food for Orphans. 

~ In 2017, this project allowed me to give $995 to Bridge The Gap of Clark County, supporting foster children.

 See the 1st, 2nd and 3rd POP paintings, and learn more here. 

Painting On Purpose, 2018, the 4th annual, by Katie m. Berggren

in process… Painting On Purpose, 2018, the 4th annual, by Katie m. Berggren

My grandma Neva has always lovingly and happily supported me being an artist. She thinks it is so fantastic that someone can make a living creating art. She is, of course, an artist herself, though she wouldn’t admit to it. Her medium is varied: carved eggs, paintings, clay, acorn crafts… we spent hours around the table together, creating, when I was a child. 

This project and the ability to support others with my paintings, is in honor of my grandma. 

Here is an 8 second 🙂 video I took of my grandma painting Plein Air for the first time, at age 90. She’s super cute 🙂

Painting On Purpose, Katie m. Berggren

Also… stay-tuned on my Facebook, Instagram pages for a special announcement on Friday… it’s something I’ve been teasing you about for months. Next Thursday I will share it officially via email, but you’ll want to get in on it before then, I’m sure, by checking out social media. 

Always let me know if you have ANY questions! Have a wonderful week’s end, 

Love & Sincerely, Katie