I have more progress to share of the 3rd Annual Painting On Purpose (POP) painting! Her name is WONDER – she is a 24×24” original painting on canvas. There is still A LOT of progress to make 🙂


The PURPOSE for the Painting On Purpose project is to give ALL of the proceeds from the sale of an original painting, each year, to a charitable organization that benefits mothers and/or children.


ALL of the money from the sale of WONDER ($995, when she’s complete) will go straight to BRIDGE THE GAP Of Clark County ~ a community outreach program enriching the lives of abused & neglected children in Clark County, WA State (my county!). Visit Bridge The Gap of Clark County’s website.

 Painting On Purpose - painting in process by Katie m. Berggren

Painting On Purpose - painting in process by Katie m. Berggren

Let me know if you have advanced interest in this piece, and I can be sure to let you have the first option to make her yours, allowing YOU to make a difference for deserving children.


Painting On Purpose was started in 2015, and is a project inspired by my sweet Grandma Neva who turned 92 on the release of the first painting (2/6/2015), she’ll turn 94 when WONDER is released on February 6.


In 2015 this project allowed me to give $704 to the NW Mothers Milk Bank in Portland, Oregon. (see the delivery of the $ here)


In 2016, this project allowed me to give $455 to Food for Orphans.


See the 1st and 2nd POP paintings, and learn more here.


My grandma Neva has always lovingly and happily supported me being an artist. She thinks it is so fantastic that someone can make a living creating art. This project and the ability to support others with my paintings, is in honor of my grandma.




I also have a brand new mini painting on paper to share, her name is Spring Rain ~ this original painting has SOLD ~ but please let me know if you would like a print of her 🙂

Spring Rain ~ brand new original painting from Katie m. Berggren

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this ~ Have a wonderful weekend!

Love & Sincerely, Katie