Howdy! I can NOT believe that this new piece, Soothe (see below), is the 88th piece in the Everyday Connection Collection ~ that boggles my mind.

That means for 88 weeks I’ve been releasing one original mini per week ~ and this is the fourth collection of minis I’ve traversed through for my one-original-per-week goal…

The first collection was the 85 8x8s, starting in February of 2009 ~ ALL 85 of those original paintings have sold, of course. See ’em here.

Then came the Forty Minis ~ 40 10×10 paintings collection, starting December 2009 and releasing til September 2010. ALL of the Forty Minis Originals have sold, as well. See ’em here.

Then came the Expanded Visions Collection ~ 20 paintings released, starting March 2011 ~ ALL of these originals have sold, see ’em here. And tucked within these collections was the Family Of Four Project (8 paintings, one available), the Moments With Messages Series (76 chunky 4x4s, all sold) ~ both of these collections I am still planning to add to over time. See ’em here.

Putting that all together, that is a LOT of creating. I’m not pretending to boast, because there is absolutely no reason to. I’m just putting numbers together, because sometimes I like numbers 🙂

And now we are at #88 of the Everyday Connection Collection! Wow. I KNOW you haven’t (and I haven’t) LOVED everything about every painting that has been released ~ but this has been a journey of growth and discovery. Keeping mini paintings blossoming in the studio has kept me studying, has kept me loyal, and has kept me humble over the last 6 years. My biz just celebrated 13 years.

Of the 88 ECC paintings that have been released so far, there ARE a few that ARE available. Here are some, below, and see all available originals, here.

Currently Available Mini Original Paintings from Katie m. Berggren

Currently Available Mini Original Paintings from Katie m. Berggren

And… It’s Thursday ~ so I have a new original MINI painting to share ~ it’s a joy to have a mini in process each week ~ a little emotion, a little gift.
Soothe, original mini painting by Katie m. Berggren

Soothe, original mini painting by Katie m. Berggren

This new mini original painting is titled SootheThe colors in this piece make me think of cool waters on a hot day, soothing honey on a sore throat, aloe on sunburn, creamy candies…
You can find Soothe (the original one-of-a-kind painting on canvas), here, while she lasts. She is a 4×12 original painting on canvas for $139.
Thank you for everything, thank you for making 13 years of business possible (I love what I do) and have a WONDERFUL day! Wanna chat live on Facebook? I’ll see you there.

Did you read this far? Awesome, I’m honored 🙂 thank you. I have a SECRET special offer for you ~ 25% off any original painting currently available in the Online Studio Shop ~ just through Saturday. Enjoy 🙂 coupon code: LOVE25 ~ I have NEVER offered a code like this (and I probably won’t again for a LONG time), but we are going into summer and I’m feeling hot, spontaneous, and generous 🙂

Love & Sincerely, Katie