It’s Thursday ~ so I have a new original MINI painting to share ~ it is my joy to have a mini painting in process in the studio each week ~ a little emotion, a little gift. I release my original mini painting each week on Thursday mornings (and sometimes another mini original during the week) ~ I am also, always, creating larger original paintings to offer in the Online Studio Shop, as well as commissioned custom paintings for clients (pre-sold).

This new mini original painting is titled The Story WithinMy 9 year old son will let me read to him for hours at a time ~ he says he loves seeing all of it happen in his imagination… Picturing all the action. We just finished the Harry Potter series for the second time, and now it’s CS Lewis! 

The Story Within by Katie m. Berggren

This Piece Has SOLD

You can find prints of her, here.


A Missing Piece Of Me

The mother eventually moves toward a place of warmth and light. The lost child slices a piece from her heart and soul, but at the same time, lifts a chin toward the presence, forever to light on the mother’s shoulder. Moved beyond, but not gone, not ever *really* gone.  I can relate to this feeling, but the missing piece would be more ‘daddy-shaped’. I do believe we are all connected, in life and through loss, to all levels of energy. There is only ONE original of this painting.

A Missing Piece Of Me, the 18×24″ original one-of-a-kind painting on canvas is available here.

Snag prints of A Missing Piece Of Me, here.

A Missing Piece Of Me by Katie m. Berggren

Thank you for everything, have a WONDERFUL day! Wanna chat live on Facebook? I’ll see you there.

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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