You may not realize that when you keep your cool as a mama, look on the bright side and gently talk your child through troubles or decisions, that you are causing a chain reaction… but you are! The kindness WE show affects our children, plants a seed in them ~ and just wait ’til you see YOUR sweetness bloom through your child <3
It Starts With Me by Katie m. Berggren

It Starts With Me ~ a brand new 4×12″ original painting, may she inspire you to be the one who spreads kindness & calm throughout your family.

It Starts With Me by Katie m. Berggren

Have a wonderful day!

Thank you for the kindness and love that you have shown me over the years ~ there are days when I feel down in the dumps, worthless and pointless (you know the feeling) and the kindness of another (family or unknown) can make all the difference.

Keep spreading your love. A lot of it goes around on the Facebook page.

Love & Sincerely, Katie

Katie m. Berggren