I’m happy to introduce to you the New Mama Welcome Pack! For this LOVELY package I have contributed a printable illustrated quote that can be framed ~ along with the contributions of 60+ other artists, writers, bloggers and other creative women. Contributions including videos, audios, articles, ebooks, printables, artwork and more. See the whole shebang here.


The New Mama Welcome Pack is your guilt busting, empowering, cheer-leading support package, offering love, inspiration, wisdom, encouragement and reassurance to get you through the difficult newborn days.


It’s all delivered straight to your inbox over three months; to support you when the daily reality of motherhood starts to really hit home.


If you’re a new mama who wants to rock motherhood without guilt, overwhelm or losing yourself, check out the New Mama Welcome Pack here. Three months of digital goodies, support, humor, love and friendship. The current price for this package is $149, with the total value/worth being $454.

Let me know if you have any questions! ENJOY!!

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Love & Sincerely, Katie

Katie m. Berggren


note: affiliate links, since I’m a contributor 🙂 information pulled from the New Mama Welcome website.