The Everyday Connection Collection has been in full swing for three months with an original 8×8″ one-of-a-kind painting released every Thursday morning. This has been so fun and I have loved the connection that these paintings are creating between other mothers on Facebook. There have been 20 paintings released so far and a few of them remain available.

Remember, there is only ever ONE original of each painting. One piece with actual blobs of touchable paint on canvas… after the original has been claimed, there are only prints.

This collection is inspired by the opportunities we have each day to connect with a child, while we go about our everyday lives. Opportunities to stop and notice, listen and touch.

…sometimes we feel like we haven’t been the connected mama we desire to be… we have been raising our voice too much, we’ve been eating too much junk and/or treating ourselves badly ~ but it is never too late to change ~ change NOW ~ make this exact moment different…


Here is the newest painting to be released in the Everyday Connection Collection, painting #20! Released today! It is called: In This Space



and here are paintings #1-19 (in reverse order, #1 is at the bottom)
find the available original paintings here


Most of these original paintings have SOLD ~ a few of these original one-of-a-kind paintings are available for purchase and ready-to-ship, find them here. And you can find archival prints of these paintings here.


Follow along with the process of the next Everyday Connection Collection painting on the Facebook page.

Have a wonderful day!

Love & Sincerely, Katie


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