one composition, 4 color schemes, 4 paintings

one composition, 4 color schemes, 4 paintings

Hi there!

I’m busting at the seams with a new adventure. I’m not sure what I’ll call it yet, a project has to have a name, right? But for starters, here goes (it is just like me to launch ahead without all of the parts figured out!)

When a composition that I love pops up as a drawing in the sketchbook, it seems a bit of a loss to create one painting using that shape, then move onto another sketch, another arrangement. As if just scratching the surface and turning a blind eye on SO many possibilities that could arise from that one pairing or gathering of figures…

I’ve begun a new project this week, exploring one composition (one drawing) in 4 directions. 4 handfuls of color, 4 moods. I launched ahead on Friday, and was glued to my studio, working, for hours.

One Composition. 4 Paintings. 4 Color Schemes. 4 Finished Paintings Released at a Virtual Art Opening.

one composition, 4 paintings

one composition, 4 paintings


The first composition is a babywearing mama with an older sibling snuggling at the back of her neck. I’ve drawn it onto 4 10×10 inch canvases, chosen color schemes and began bringing the figures to life.

These first four paintings will be introduced, released and shared on Tuesday morning, 930am (PST) for a Virtual Art Opening (VAO) ~ it will all happen here:

Here’s what will happen at the VAO:

Beginning at 930am, I’ll release one painting every 10-15 minutes, as an image posted to the wall of the Facebook Page. If a piece pops up that is meant for YOU, be the first person to comment “I want it!” beneath the image. Then, send me your email address via private note or email, and we’ll take care of the rest (paypal invoice, shipping address).

It is super simple and the VAOs have been so much wild/fast/crazy fun so far. I think this will be the 5th one.

one composition, 4 color schemes, 4 paintings

one composition, 4 color schemes, 4 paintings


If you’d like to get an email reminder of the Virtual Art Opening, put your email address in here: you’ll also get notified of any upcoming VAOs.

Let me know if you have any questions, I do not always explain things well. I’d rather show you in pictures. Enjoy the process photos here of the 4 pieces to be released on Tuesday at the VAO.

Have a great weekend!

Love & Sincerely, Katie