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softened by the past

I’ve been transferring old videos onto my computer the last couple weeks, so I’ve been watching my boys as little tikes, toddling all over ~ their sweet faces and voices have my heart constantly melting. All day those little sounds and images are in my heart and mind.

What’s the point of this? It softens me. It softens us to remember and realize the innocence of our children. That’s all.

I tell you, since I started witnessing these videos (19 hours’ worth, I was camera happy) I have been giving and receiving more hugs and sugar than in the past month. And I LOVE it! And so do my boys.

I’ll admit, I’m softened.

What softens you?

Wishing you many gooey sweet moments today!

above: I realize while watching these videos that there are no photos of me nursing my babes. This is something I would do so differently now. But I do have this painting ~ that I created when inspired by my littlest boy. So that I could forever remember his face. This painting (though purple) hangs on his bedroom wall. He asked to keep it.

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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