I recently had a vision for a painting featuring a mother ~ at the same time a soon-to-be mother. A child and at the same time a soon-to-arrive child. A baby within and without, a mother expecting and welcoming ~ all at the same time. The white transparent-y cloth was an element that arrived perfectly toward the end of the process. Seemingly pulling them both together and providing a bit of protecting and warmth.

I am honored to share the finished painting The Sweetest Of Dreams with you, and also her process, since I found her process such fun and such a journey.

The Sweetest Of Dreams by Katie m. Berggren

The Sweetest Of Dreams by Katie m. Berggren


Thank you to Tanya, who is giving the original painting of The Sweetest Of Dreams as a generous and loving gift, in Australia. I hope to travel there to see it someday with my family.

If this painting touches you, I invite you to snag a print for yourself, right here.

Have a wonderful day,

Love & Sincerely, Katie



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