I’m not quite sure how it happens. We grow up and along the way an idea is implanted into us. Like a seed into the rich fertile soil of an inquisitive, open mind. We see, we hear, we notice over and over and before too long this idea becomes our reality. I like reality. I am trying every day to love what is real and obvious and accept what is true. BUT, some ideas aren’t true, we’ve just grown up allowing them to blossom as truth in our minds.

One day, I sat down to contemplate the (what I’ve come to call them) the Myths that bring me pain and suffering. I have four main ones (and many myth-lettes that I could go on and on with, I’m sure).

see myth #1: I Have To Work Super Hard to Make a Living
see myth #2: Successful People Stay Up Late
see myth #3: I Deserve Sweets

Myth #4: Sitting At The Computer = Working

We watched our parents and teachers do it. And the front-counter person at the dentist office, the veterinarian office, and most any other office we walk in to or see on television. When our parents work at home, there is often a computer nearby. We do our homework on the computer, right? Thus, for me, being at the computer began to equal work and vice versa. Our faces are plugged in and we clearly LOOK busy.

Sure, we play games on the computer, too. Minecraft, Plants VS. Zombies… and I know there are a myriad of games attached to Facebook that I have blocked. But outside of obvious games, do we sometimes assume that (if we have a career that requires computer work of some kind) if we are planted in front of the screen, with our fingers and eyes flitting back and forth, that we are busy? That we are accomplishing tasks that move us forward in the world?

I’ve developed a few excessive habits for keeping digital records of my clients and buyers, and it requires a bit more time in the office chair, but it makes me happy because I like keeping track of people and what their favorite things are and the conversations we’ve had over the years. That is important to me. However, if I know I have some accounting to do on the computer, and some clients to respond to, I sometimes find myself dodging the real “work” and doing the “sorting” instead. At times an hour or more will go by and I ask myself “what did I just accomplish?!” It can get scary. How about you?

Love What You Do by Katie m. Berggren

Love What You Do by Katie m. Berggren ~ snag prints here

I now imagine a spring on my chair, it settles me in when I am writing or handling important financial matters, or printing shipping labels, but as soon as the important stuff has concluded, the spring sends me out of the chair and back to the workbench, where I stand and paint ~ turning my attention to sweet upturned faces and the painted relationship between mother and child. It’s what I’d rather be doing anyway. Sometimes though, a body at rest does indeed stay at rest.

I’m trying to break this myth of ‘looking busy’. I have my 4 main myths posted above my workbench and slowly but surely this “truth” is becoming a “farce”.

The above is one of my own personal myths. It may very well have nothing to do with you. But what about YOU? Is there a myth that has been planted in you and has grown to cause you suffering? Does noticing this myth put you on the path to conquering it?

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Love & Sincerely, Katie