I want to involve you in something, I want to invite you, mamas. I keep feeling like my purpose is peeking at me through the trees ~ and it has something to do with two words that I have rotating in my head: Saving Motherhood. I’m being so very honest here, and so unpracticed and unedited…  spontaneous works best for me, though.

The Saving Motherhood Collector’s Circle ~ to pull toward me those mamas who want to share (and want art that means something!) and want to create a little mini community.

My mind has been so fertile these last few weeks that it seems there is a true redwood growing from it. My brain is a pail that is literally overflowing… I have trouble getting it all down. This means something big is about to happen ~ supposed to happen… and I want to involve you.


The Saving Motherhood Collector’s Circle ~ registration opens NOW! and closes April 5. I’m going to limit the membership so I can be sure to give everyone the special attention and goodies they deserve.

Click below to GET THE GOODS! ♥ (this is a $228-$551 value)


Could this exclusive gathering of mamas help in some way to Save Motherhood?

Here is a rundown of the details ~ please let me know if you have any questions!


Saving Motherhood Collector’s Circle

12 week opportunity ~ April 6 through June 30 ~

(you do not have to be present to participate, go on vacation ~ your packages and emails will wait for you!)


Here are the benefits of this exclusive first-time opportunity:

You’ll get SIX (6+) packages in the mail from Katie throughout the course of the 12 weeks, including:

8x10 print by Katie m. Berggren

8x10 print by Katie m. Berggren

• 1 8×10 print of your choice EACH month to equal (3) 8×10 prints of your choice

• A 100% cotton tote bag featuring the program name and a bright motherhood image, to arrive at a surprise time, shipped for free! Use it for library books, as a day bag, or for kid stuff! (see image!)


• A limited-edition signed and numbered 8×10 print of the Exclusive paintings mentioned above, to arrive when you least expect it, shipped for free!



The Saving Motherhood Collector's Circle Tote Bag

The Saving Motherhood Collector's Circle Tote Bag

• 10 full color 5×7 art cards for spreading love or framing, shipped for free in 2 sets of 5

• 7 mini Mama Blessing Packs with a Gentle Mothering appreciation card, motherhood button or magnet & chocolate to bless mamas along your journey (my intention is for these to be handed out to mothers we don’t know, who may need a lift)

• An Exclusive personal code for 15% off any Original Paintings currently available (this can be used over and over during the session)

• An Exclusive personal 15% off Coupon Code for all your purchases in the Online Studio Shop during April & June (this also may be used over and over)

Katie m. Berggren glass art magnet

Katie m. Berggren glass art magnet

• A handmade glass art magnet to arrive when you least expect it, shipped for free!

• Exclusive insider peeks at the creation of TWO brand-new paintings ~ see them come together months before the rest of the world ~ then have First Dibs on this original paintings upon completion



You’ll receive at least one weekly inspirational email from Katie throughout the course of the 12 weeks, including:

• Inspiration & motivation

• Downloadable art goodies & printables

• Painting process images and videos

• A new e-book, a gift for you before it is released to the public


Katie m. Berggren original drawing

Katie m. Berggren original drawing

At the end of 12 weeks, 3 mamas will have the opportunity to win an original, signed pen & ink 8×10 drawing


With all of the goodies involved, this 12 week Saving Motherhood Collector’s Circle Membership is VALUED at $228-551 (+ MUCH more if you use the coupon code for original paintings!)


Just a $129 membership fee for this value-packed 12 week engagement.

AND WE HELP MOTHERS at the same time!

Right off the top, $15 from every Membership received will go directly to a local charity helping young mothers learn to be responsible, loving mothers. We can raise $450 for this charity if we all work together.

When we make a start, we can make progress toward Saving Motherhood. We can inspire change by touching mothers individually ~ through education, leading by example, and appreciation.

And we can Save the essence of Mothering Our Own Children, through emotional images that touch our hearts.

thank you so much!

Do not hesitate to Let Me Know if you have any questions.

Love & Sincerely, Katie m. Berggren

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