Years and years ago ~ when I began painting motherhood, I realized what it was I wanted to do. I wanted to share emotion, I wanted to share my heart ~ I had a strong urge to capture what was real, what was REAL!

Writings and art that skim the surface DO NOT interest me. I am interested in the heartfelt, the emotion and the scrapings of the soul. I am interested in digging deep. I desire to CAPTURE the elements and the raw.

If you’ve talked with me in person, you’ll notice I speak with my hands. And while describing my art and my reason for creating – my reason for painting mothers and children and the deep emotion and energy that flows between – you’ve noticed how my hands fist at my chest and reach to show the pull and the force that comes from the heart, over the throat in upward motion, and explodes from within. It is hard to describe. But my hands try, when my words fail.

Seeking by Katie m. Berggren

Seeking by Katie m. Berggren



Seeking was an early piece for me, very early, as I was discovering how I could let my emotion out with paint, onto board. Seeking was created, recognized and appreciated, then tucked away. A few years later, I removed her, and put her on the wall in my studio. She truly is a masterpiece in my mind, because she is a reminder for me, daily, that I DO NOT want to paint the frilly surface happiness. I do want to paint happiness, but my urge is to grab what is beneath that. To spread my soul on the canvas.

Here is what I heard from someone looking at my work (it was my step father, who is usually on the quiet side, and definitely not a flatterer ~ he had tears in his eyes and he was looking at Earth Mama while I told him her story):

“Katie doesn’t just paint, she spreads her soul on the canvas.”


Thank you ~ because that is what NEEDS to be done. The world needs MORE soul ~ if you ask me.

Enjoy Seeking ~ and please find what it is that is in YOUR heart ~ what is it that represents the heart and SOUL of what you have to offer, what you were divinely called to do? Don’t forget it. Please.

Love & Sincerely, Katie