One Year Ago While Painting Motherhood ~ ACTUALLY 🙂 I was on sabbatical!

…I had a backpack, a bottom bunk, a spoon, a bowl, a pan, a towel or two, and my things: a book (the Simple Living Guide by Janet Luhrs), a sketchbook and notebook, my flip video camera (see a Sweden market video), my thermal underwear and a few outfits, my hair scarf, a package of Bob’s Red Mill 10-grain cereal, tea, honey, bags of nuts and my water bottle. Also my Alaffia face wash and lotion, and of course a toothbrush and paste as well as a coat, hat, boots and gloves… READ MORE

Katie m. Berggren ~ Sweden, February 2010

Katie m. Berggren ~ Sweden, February 2010


 (side note: I am not using Alaffia right now, but I am currently in love with Peppermint essential oils) 🙂

 Have a great day!

Love & Sincerely, Katie