The Moments with Messages, volume 1 ~ a Glossy hardbound motherhood art Book ~ autographed ~ and featuring 29 of the 4×4 chunky acrylic paintings.
These are glossy and gorgeous!

These are $27.99 ~ and you can get yours here
This is a gorgeous and sturdy, immensely high quality book with rich images which exactly represent the texture and heart of the first 29 4×4 original paintings.

 Each original painting carries a message, and includes an embedded text, painted right into the texture. Thus, each smooth printed page of this hardbound book reveals meaning.
Each book is autographed on the front inside cover, and contains a lovely fly sheet at front and back. At the size of 8″ x 6″ ~ this makes a lovely simple yet substantial gift for a mother, doula or midwife, girlfriend or daughter.
 I also love these books as an opportunity for a little personal retreat. A few moments to breathe and remember the moments in life that keep us going as busy mamas.
♥ Pull your super cute 6×8″ book from your purse, diaper bag or bed-side table ~ and take a moment to breathe in the intimate moments that make Motherhood purposeful and special.
♥ A great girlfriend-mama gift ~ stocking stuffer ~ new mother blessing ~ doula or midwife thank you.
♥ Your hardbound book will ship via Priority Mail (for U.S. buyers, First Class for International collectors), arriving to your hands wrapped in bubble wrap from within a stiff mailer.
Do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.
Love & Sincerely, Katie