I’ve collected here today, a few past posts that I feel are important as we head into a new year. This is also Free Cards Friday, so be sure you come back to THIS post to make your comment, in order to be entered into the drawing to win free cards 🙂 Enjoy!


 ~ from December 2010 
Time, Intimacy, Simple Living

I place here, for you to ponder, a paragraph from a book that has become a life manual for me over the last year (The Simple Living Guide by Janet Luhrs). A most-wonderful book that has been opening my mind page by page (I just started at the beginning again this week) in regard to… Everything that is important to me.

Every time I read this particular paragraph I am stunned by its accuracy, its obviousness, yet the clear truth that so many just don’t understand it. I am not saying that I have things figured out ~ but I am saying that this paragraph (just one inspirational paragraph in a book riddled with inspiration and insight) seems, to me, capable of unraveling so many inter- and intrapersonal issues that we may face… (read more)


~ from November 2010
a quick inspiration from Jurgen Wolff


borrowed from Jurgen Wolff’s newsletter: www.jurgenwolff.com
“Do you have a list of what you hope to achieve? One format that is a good model is what Kevin Roberts (Saatchi & Saatchi) calls his 100 Day Plans. These consist of ten items, each starting with a verb and containing no more than three words. Some examples: Reach 15% bodyfat; Organize office systems; Finish writing novel. They give you big targets you can then break down into smaller steps. (read more)




~ from February 2010 
Decluttering & Simplifying – Featured Article by Bruce Elkin 

One of the most constant questions people send me is, “What’s the difference between decluttering and simplifying?” Another is, “Why does it matter?”
Let me answer the first question first. Then I’ll take a stab at the second one. (read more)

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Resilience by Katie m. Berggren

Resilience by Katie m. Berggren

 Resilience, 20×24″, ©2007. KmBerggren (this original painting has SOLD) 
Message from the Artist:
The intention here is to draw some light on the resilience of children. The mother sees darkness, but the child sees light. The child reaches for the light, for possibilities and potential. The mother begins to pick up her broken wall, intent on putting it back together using the inspiration from the child.
Despite the fact that I may be feeling weak or down-trodden, my children have the amazing ability to reach for the brighter side and to show me what really matters, thus inspiring me to reach for the light.

Prints of Resilience are available in three archival sizes ~ please let me know if you’d like one.


Love & Sincerely ~ Katie

Katie m. Berggren
Painting Intimate Moments of Motherhood