Gorgeous quality, coffeetable- and purse-ready fine art books stuffed full of intimate motherhood paintings make exquisite gifts for mothers, daughters, doulas/midwifes and mama-girlfriends.
Quantities are limited, so plan ahead for the Holidays!
I now have 5 separate books for you to choose from:
Introducing Moments With Messages, volume 1 ~ a Glossy hardbound motherhood art Book ~ autographed ~ and featuring 29 of the 4×4″ chunky acrylic paintings. ($27.99 each)
♥ This is a gorgeous, sturdy, high quality book shares rich images exactly representing the texture and heart of the first 29 4×4″ original paintings.
♥ Each original painting carries a message, and includes an embedded text, painted right into the texture. Thus, each smooth printed page of this hardbound book reveals meaning.
Introducing 85 8×8 Paintings ~ a dance of intention & creation ($34.99 each)
♥ A high quality book featuring 70 premium quality pages, a gorgeous glossy soft cover and behind the scenes musings and insight for the 85 8x8s Collection.
♥ This luscious 7×7″ book seeks to thrill you with images and inspiration ~ but to also encourage you to engage in your own creative endeavor.
Have a deserving loved one in a far-away place? Grab the 70-page e-book here! ~ just $4.99
featuring motherhood art & writing by Katie m. Berggren and I can email it directly to the recipient with your message.
Introducing the Hardbound Inspiration Book ~ featuring 20 Motherhood Paintings  ($24.99 each)
♥ This sturdy autographed book is perfect for reflection and sharing. 6×8 inches by 3/8″ thick. Only 2 left in stock!
Introducing Mini Pocket-Sized Inspiration Books, volumes 1 & 2 ($5.99 ea)
♥ Pull your super cute little book from your purse, wallet, diaper bag or bed-side table ~ and take a moment to breathe in the moments that make Motherhood purposeful and special.
♥ A great gift ~ stocking stuffer ~ new mother blessing.
Each book that I have created for you makes a lovely, simple yet substantial gift for a mother, doula or midwife, girlfriend or daughter.
I also love these books as an opportunity for a hand-held, personal retreat. A few moments to breathe and remember the moments in life that keep us going as busy mamas.
Have a wonderful week’s end.
Thank you for your continued encouragement & love.
Let me know if you have any questions,
Love & Sincerely, Katie