Featured Artist: Marisa Mercure
I met Marisa at The Broadway Gallery in early October.
Marisa’s painting style is best described as realistic. She tries to show things as they would appear if captured in one moment of time. She also isn’t afraid to try subjects many artists would shy away from. Whether she’s painting an elephant on the African plain, or a baby reaching for its father’s arms, she renders them with a distinct and unique painterlyness.

Her childhood and early adult years were spent in Argentina, where she trained to be an elementary school teacher, but was never able to teach due to unstable government conditions.



That didn’t keep her from creating art though, she’s loved it all her life, although the responsiblities of raising a family kept her busy for many years.

Marisa doesn’t restrict herself to any specific medium, preferring instead to let the inspiration guide her. She paints in watercolor, acrylic or oil. She works on canvas, board and even tile.

From Marisa Mercure:

“These works are done with a balance of designing elements and intuitive painting. More often than not, the subject for a painting comes unexpectedly and at the same time the idea of the medium in which it will be done also takes place right there and then. Approaching the painting as how it can be, portrayed or transformed, which colors or technical choices, all those decisions, make each piece unique in which a part of the artist goes with it. To handle the mediums in a way that becomes a thing of beauty and talent, it has always fascinated and attracted me.”

(text provided by The Broadway Gallery)
















Love & Sincerely, Katie