A brand new 70-page e-book featuring motherhood art & writing by Katie m. Berggren ~ 

This e-book includes behind-the-scenes details, process photos, inspirational motherhood quotes, personal journal entries, blog posts and poignant sentiments for each of the 85 8×8 paintings created for The 85 8x8s for $85 Collection in 2009.

A collection of intimate and emotional motherhood paintings released weekly for 9 months by award-winning motherhood painter, Katie m. Berggren.

This is a PDF formatted e-book. Once payment has processed, I will email you a time-sensitive link where you may download your product. Pick up YOUR copy here!

The intro of the e-book shares my purpose for creating this compilation:

“Thank you for joining me in an effort to grab hold of the honest, emotional and intimate moments of motherhood. Because I want to not only introduce you to my work, my process, my reasoning, inspiration and motivation ~ but inspire you in your own creative endeavors, as well, I have organized this book in a rather fun way:

As you travel through this e-book, take note of how:
The blue text provides a whisper of inspiration for you ~ bits of the information I have collected throughout my journey.
The red text emphasizes quotes and shares entries from my own personal journal and the Painting Motherhood blog.”

…to show and share, but to also inspire…

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Katie m. Berggren

85 8×8 Paintings: A Dance of Intention & Creation

All contents copyright ©2011 by Katie m. Berggren art & design


All rights reserved.
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by any means without the prior written permission of the artist/writer.

cover image: Song In My Soul,# 16 of The 85 8x8s for $85 Collection, 2009. ©Katie m. Berggren
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Love & Sincerely, Katie