Recently, while perusing my folders and folders of completed paintings, I came a cross a few that I hadn’t looked at in awhile. And I felt the urge to show them to you.
Tenderness, 2008 ~ I really love this one, it caught my eye as I hadn’t seen it in awhile 🙂
Origin, 2007 ~ there is something about her posture that I like. I may play with this pose again soon.
Sentinel, 2007 ~ this was created for a doctor, a gift from the clinic’s receptionists and nurses ~  to shed light on, and appreciate his protective nature toward his young patients.
Lyrical, 2008 ~ I worked on this painting while tending my booth at a holiday art fair in November 2008. To see it makes me feel Christmas-y 🙂
These original paintings have all sold, but I can make prints of them for you, if you like. Let me know if you’d like an archival, signed print in either of the 3 following sizes: 8×10 for $17, 12×12 for $29, or 13×19 for $54.
Well, there is a little blast to the past for you ~ I created these paintings back before I really knew what a blog was, and before Facebook was even in my vocabulary.
The Free Cards Friday winner for last week was Melinda, thanks for playing!
Have a wonderful day,
Love & Sincerely, Katie