Thursday’s 10×10 for The Forty Minis Collection is growing in the studio, it is called It Goes Without Saying, and here are the words that ran through my mind as I lay with my son tonite. The words I scratched madly while planning this painting. (I may show you an image before Thursday, or maybe not!)

It Goes Without Saying

We lie together, wrapped together, we 3. As he drifts off he tells daddy he loves him – I say “I love you baby” – he sinks deeper into his comfort. I run my fingers through his short hair and say “I love you angel” – he nuzzles his perfectly smooth forehead against my face – his eyes closed now.
Then I realize, it goes without saying… and he understands this: to be a child is to love your mama. And he knows I know.
We lie together, wrapped together, me marveling at the absolute smooth beauty, perfection and wisdom of my five-year-old son.

And I love it so much, that as soon as I started this new painting, I grabbed another canvas and began creating one based on the same idea, for my beautiful son.


Wow, YOU set a new record, there were 15 commenters for last weeks Free Cards Friday! So, yep – I’m randomly choosing two winners this week… Melody and Wendy! Thank you so much for playing, let’s do it again this Friday!

Have a wonderful week,
Love & Sincerely, Katie