Welcome back to me 🙂 I took 12 days off of painting during my sabbatical, which was painful at first, and is the longest run ever since early 2007. In 2007 I vowed to paint everyday and have been doing so ever since.

I realized shortly into my break that getting a breather from that which I love was healthy for me – it gave me time to practice awareness, meditation, sitting and breathing – time to focus on what I really want out of this time I have. With the moments in Sweden, I crafted my vision of what I want my life to be like, and since I have been home I have been living it.

Putting brush to canvas after that 12 days off was invigorating, and as I worked on this piece I felt the inspiration rushing through me – I wanted to grab 6 more canvases and get to work!

I have two commissions in progress right now, and I’m delighted to place this reinvigorated inspiration and mindfulness into play on those pieces.

Drawn To You is today’s release into The Forty Minis Collection – and I very much enjoyed the process.

Here is what is to be said about this painting:

Taking in those first few months of motherhood – celebrating every smile, every gurgle and marveling at each new accomplishment. Drawn To You reminds me of when my babies were tiny: when I felt as though I had invented motherhood, when all I wanted to do was hold my babies, and if we were apart, the tiniest sound had me heading toward them. To check, or to gather them up.

See this new painting and the available 10x10s in The Online Etsy Shop.

Let me know if you have any thoughts, questions or ideas.

While I was away, I kept light tabs on Facebook and email and I was warmed by your comments, well wishes and friendly conversation. THANK YOU.

Have a great day!

Love & Sincerely, Katie