Did you know? Off-the-rack baby clothing, toys and blankets can contain dyes and other chemicals that can irritate baby’s delicate skin?

Bella & Boo, www.bellaandboo.comI’d like to introduce you to Bella & Boo ~ a natural and organic shop providing hand selected, safe and pure products for babies & kids.

From organic cotton clothing, wooden toys and snuggly organic baby blankets to eco-friendly baby shoes, reusable shopping bags & healthy stainless steel water bottles, every one of their products is carefully chosen so that they may offer your family the safest, purest products.

The beautiful Bella & Boo now also offers Katie m. Berggren prints as well! You may view the whole “For Mom” section here.

Motherhood Prints by Katie m. Berggren now available at Bella and Boo

Bella & Boo was founded by Kate Agarwal, and here is Kate’s story:

Kate and Ella of Bella & BooHello! My name is Kate Agarwal and I am the founder and owner of Bella & Boo. My family and I live in the lovely Village of Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, located on the shores of Lake Michigan, just 10 miles north of Milwaukee.

My youngest daughter, Ella, was the inspiration behind Bella & Boo. I am happy to share with you my story and tell you how one inspired dream came to fruition.

Soon after Ella was born, I noticed that she would break out in rashes after wearing certain pieces of clothing.

We wondered if it might be a food allergy or some other type of allergy. As regular practice, our family took care to use eco-friendly & natural laundry detergents & soaps, so we knew that those products could not be to blame.

My husband and I were very concerned and began searching for the reason behind our daughter’s terrible skin reactions… enjoy the rest of Kate’s story here

I am proud to be partnering with Kate and Bella & Boo ~ and I sincerely invite you to view Bella & Boo’s mission and products here.

Have a great day! Love & Sincerely ~ Katie