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I receive the Manage Your Muse newsletters from Lynn Cutts and this week’s seemed perfect to share, Lynn’s daughter gave me permission to share her words with you ~ this one in particular strikes a chord with me because I am not a fan of multi-tasking. At least for me, I end up getting less done and feeling worse!

Take a Break from Multi-tasking

How many things do you do at once Three? Five? Twenty five?

Multi-tasking has become a way of life for so many of us. We cook dinner while yelling at the kids, talking on the phone, and watching television, all at once, missing out on the scent of the onions frying, the burble of the boiling water, and the excitement (or frustration or despair) in our child’s voice.

We do e-mail, talk on the phone, and attempt to file, simultaneously, all in the attempt to save time. But what ends up happening is we burn the dinner, and slight the kids, mis-file that document and forget to note the appointment we made while on the phone.

The end result is that often multi-tasking takes more time in the long run than if we’d slowed down and did just one thing at once.

So this week, subscribe to the belief that “less is more”.

Make a point of doing at least one task a day all by its lonesome, without doing five (or two or even one) other things at once. Use that as a breathing space in your day.

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