Today as I was clearing out the Christmas clutter and chaos, I was reminded of another direction my work has travelled – a second direction that inspires me and lights me up in a new way – and as I vacuumed up the last tree needle I decided to show you these pieces.

And now, with fresh clean music washing through me, with a day of work, play and busy-ness done, I sit down to present them.

I call them Interior Landscapes and have created only a handful over the years, but nevertheless, I think of them often and plan to create more.

Simplicity With Lemons

Living With Less

Health & Well Being

In my mind I visualize an environment with clean smooth lines, fresh air, rich colors, simple systems – systems and spaces that allow life to flow through these environments in a free, unhurried, exuberant and abundant fashion.

I visualize these paintings (and the ideas behind these paintings) as a sort of window into these relaxed settings.
Refined Chaos

Now, as much as I know that the last tree needle is no way gone, I know that you will have feedback and insight on these pieces. I urge you to take a second to comment and let me know what you honestly think.

I have placed these out into the public only a few times (three of the four shown here have sold, Refined Chaos is available and hanging at Ambiance Salon in Vancouver, WA).
I thank you, now I’m off to paint. The music is ripping me from my chair, urging me to get going.

(as soon as I put the over-risen bread in the oven, the timer is a-beep-beepin’)

Love & Sincerely, Katie