Happy Tuesday – see, we don’t have to wait til Friday to be happy! I had a great day with my boys, and got some painting in, too. The time starts now, though, where the babes are asleep, and I can get a longer session.

I have a new idea that I am SO excited about it – in regard to the Art Charms ~ Tiny Moments To Take Along I’ll keep you posted. Let’s just say the currently posted ones are a limited edition…

November, the Month Of Giclees, will start on the first Thursday of November, November 5th with the first of 4 Giclee offerings. These will be 12×15 Giclees: archival, high quality prints on smooth, high quality, matte stock.

Each Thursday morning I’ll surprise you with the painting that is offered as a Giclee (these will replace the 85 8x8s for $85 Collection releases, since the 8×8 Collection will be COMPLETE by the end of October!) – so stay posted by making sure you are on the email list!

My Free Cards Winner is Amy!

Have a wonderful week!

Love & Sincerely,