First, I must say, this has been a very interactive nine months for me…

producing these sweet little paintings and sending them out into the world like a mama spider – her babies floating away on tiny web pinwheels…

We’ve reached 80 8x8s already – can you believe it?

Today’s paintings are helping me to remember, as I scurry through a couple of the busiest and most demanding weeks in ages, to take a moment and just feel that soft warm cheek against my own. To stop and actually hear the joke instead of just saying “hmm hmmm”.

We’re never immune to life’s craziness, but as Twyla Tharp said and I love to quote:

“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.”

In a sense, my time in the studio is my time to run away – to bring the focus inward and float happily on music and creation, possibility and intuition.

Here, I present to you two paintings to help us remember the joyful times that are woven in amongst the phone calls, appointments, kitty litter, sticky counter spots, vacuum cleaner cords, craft supplies, toast crumbs, computer time and wet towels.

They are Laughter (top) and Hold Fast (bottom) and you can learn more about them in the online portfolio . If they speak to you, you can grab them in the Etsy Shop.

Help me to remember to STOP and just BE.

Love & Sincerely, Katie