It’s Free Cards Friday! (hey, it’s still Friday for another 2 hours!)
Tomorrow I take the band (the kiddos) on the road to see Great Grandma! 5 hours in the car… must get sleep and set out the tea for morning…

Comment on this post and be IN the running for Free Cards for Friday!! I’ll name the winner on Monday and ship ’em out!

Also – as you may well know, there are only THREE (count ’em) THREE 8x8s left to be released in the 85 8x8s for $85 Collection – holy cow, I can hardly believe it. You can see the whole collection here!

The final three MAY go fast, but you can still snag some of the available 8x8s – there are 5 currently available in the Collection by shooting me an email letting me know you WANT it!! I’ll then pick it up and ship it off to you.

The available 8x8s are currently hanging at the beautiful Love Art Gallery in Portland, OR – if you are local, you can also just head on down there and pick a couple up.

While you are there, feel free to be in AWE of the other amazing local talent that graces the walls, counters, jewelry cases and pedestals.

Above image: Linger – if you like Linger, stay tuned! The Month Of Giclees is FAST approaching!

Have a lovely weekend!
Love & Sincerely,