Painting everyday continues to be my vow – and these daily sessions are now more important to me than ever before… while the family sleeps, Mommy renews, like most mothers I know, in one way or another…

Two New 8×8 Paintings have just been added to the 85 8x8s for $85 Collection –
-Memory ~ … It seems not so long ago we held them with our whole entire bodies…
-Justify ~ … The plan to do less and be more, to spend more time enjoying the giggles, the freedom, freshness and innocence…
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Opening Reception: Friday, September 4, 5-9pm Vancouver, Washington. Featuring live music by Jen Deale, Wine, Hors d’oeuvres, and more! Sixth Street Gallery Featured Artist Showing
For the Mommies out there:
I am a first-time school Mama now (my son started Kindergarten yesterday) and now I find myself with new things to throw my energies at. For one thing, I began wondering about the plastic lunch containers that live in the cupboard… what are they made of and are they contaminating my son’s little sandwich while it waits for him to enjoy it? Eeeewww.

I have been researching late into the evenings (okay, into the wee hours of the morning) the last several nights and here are the some options I have come up with:

KidsKonserve offers a set of nesting stainless steel bowls but my concern is whether or not my five year old will be able to open them on his own (without sending the contents across the table and floor!) at school. They also offer reusable cozies for wrapping sandwiches, cookies, carrot sticks, etc. as well as stainless steel thermoses.

CitizenPip offers muck-free plastic containers (which was my first choice, til I wondered about the chances of the plastic later being deemed unhealthy) as well as stainless steel water bottles.

At this point, I have purchased a few Wrap and Mats from for the fact that not only will they be easy to open and easy to clean and reuse, but my little boy will also have a little built-in placemat for the cafeteria table, since I am certain he will be setting his food directly on the table! There is a volume discount at GetNGreen, so I purchased four.

I’m still looking for additional options, but I feel as though I have taken one step in the right direction. I now, also, have many 100% cotton napkins so that we can reduce waste in that aspect, too.
The trick now will be to convince him to not throw these things away at lunchtime, but to pack everything back into his GI-Joe lunchbox and bring it home to me 🙂

About 9 months ago I purchased 4 Kanteens from Kleen Kanteen, and though they were spendy, that was some of the best money I have ever spent. With our Multi-Pure water filter, I feel 100% confident in the quality of water my family is drinking!
Comment with any brilliant ideas that you have had, let’s share them 🙂
I wish you an inspired day.
Love & Sincerely, Katie

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