Good Morning!

Last night (or was it in the wee hours of today?) while I was painting, I had to stop and photograph my painting area because I’m so enthralled with my new supply of paint brushes!

That may seem strange, but a tool is a tool and a good new tool (or about 35 of them) is a great feeling!

A couple days ago, my brother (artist Kevin Conrad who is visiting from Sweden) introduced me to I’ve Been Framed, an art store in Portland (Oregon) featuring scads of sale-priced brushes and art supplies – I was like a kid in a candy store and filled my basket in a matter of minutes!

Today is Free Cards Friday and tomorrow is the English Estate Winery Art & Wine fair (Vancouver, WA ~ learn more and get directions here) – come experience art, wine, fresh air, food, crafts, music and great company!

Comment on this blog post (through Facebook is fine too!) and be IN the running to win Free Cards! I’ll be choosing my winner this weekend between coming and going from the art fair – ten hours immersed in art and visiting with collectors tomorrow (and I’ll be painting on-site), I can hardly wait!

Have a wonderful day! The kiddos and I are off to the Post Office to ship five paintings, 3 prints and a bunch of cards!

Love & Sincerely, Katie
The above painting I’m working on is titled More To Give and has come quite a ways since this photo – my goal is to have the completed painting at the fair tomorrow 🙂