Thank you to all who came to the WSU Vancouver event last night, and helped to make it a fun and successful event! During the event I was working on a new painting titled “I Can See Clearly Now”. Thanks to Ray Klein for his photography.

I was recently approached by a writer for Fifty Two Pieces – a blog that discusses a new painting per week featured at The Portland Arts Museum (Portland Oregon). They had an interest in my painting Two, because of my inspiration from Karl Hofer’s painting Early Hour, and today I was notified that OregonLive’s Blog had picked up Fifty Two Pieces’ posting – where they featured Two and Early Hour – Thank you LaValle! And Thank You to my dear friend Antje who mailed me the postcard of Early Hour years ago, intriguing and inspiring me.

The Free Cards Winner for this week is… Amy AND Stephanie! It was a quiet holiday weekend, so I’m giving cards to both of my commenters. Thanks for playing!

Have a wonderful weekend. Love & Sincerely, Katie