In the studio, when the flow is consistent, I’m able to relinquish even one of my most favorite things – sleep. When a canvas or several little ones are calling to me, and they seem to come together as if by themselves, I’m forced/honored to stay and see it through.

I have a lamp in my studio ~ on one side of the lampshade I have a cookie fortune taped that says “You will Achieve More Later if you Take Time For Yourself Now”. Spin the lampshade and you see this fortune “You Will Achieve Your Goals if You Maintain Your Path”.

Depending upon how I’m feeling, I turn the shade so that the correct fortune talks to me! It’s funny, both fortunes arrived in one meal on the same day in a downtown Kalama restaurant, and I liked them both so I placed them both in the studio – it has become a perfect setup for me, a perfect reminder of just what I should do.

Above you’ll see a new process photo featuring my six new 8×8 paintings – 2-3 of them will be released on Thursday. Also, a process photo of Dance (working title), 16×20.

Top row of 8x8s: Bare Essence, From Within. Middle row: Sugar & Sunshine, Taking Time To See, No Regrets. Bottom row: Change The World.

Have a great day! Love, Katie