Years ago – my brother who is a great painter ( was watching me paint and while looking into my jar of white and seeing the bits of every other color in there as well said “Do you always contaminate your paints?” Feeling embarrassed, I said “no” and took steps for a while to avoid this.

Over the years, I’ve discovered that my lazy and creative contamination tendencies work very well for me! I am not very fond of washing my brushes, and am usually too ‘in the moment’ to do a very good job at it – I am always mixing paint on the canvas anyway, so having bits of gold in my white and bits of blue in my brown and bits of white in my yellow is actually quite inspirational.

Over the years, I’ve grown in experience and confidence, and now I have an answer to that question: “Yep! I contaminate my paints like crazy. I love the way colors mix and mingle – pearling and swirling together in the paint tub. It feels pure.” 🙂

Have a great week!